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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. But I have a job as an itinerant music teacher. Meaning I take on extra classes to keep to the class size amendment. So I’m actually at a different school every day. Some days are good, some days are not so good.

Take today. My 5th graders had a discussion about whether I was 18 or 30. They decided I’m NOT 1,002 like I said, but that I have to be between 18 and 30 years old. We’ll see what they say next week. Hahahaha.

I was observed today!

Woohoo observation!

4th grade was alright although I oops’d and lost a tiny amount of control over the class.

2nd grade is a HOTT mess and they didn’t quite understand that STOP means PUT YOUR LUMMI STICKS DOWN AND DO NOT TOUCH THEM!

3rd grade just needs to calm their tits with the questions.

Tomorrow I take over 5th grade! WOOHOO!

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars in 24 Music Styles and in all 12 keys showing the evolution of popular music. 

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Wednesday 9/25

October 7 - observed in 4th grade
November 18th - observed in 3rd grade
5th grade: I Wish project
3rd grade: me - recorder echoes, Recorder fun, put away recorders, Take Time, solfege review, Solfege Bingo (this class will need a LOT of policing, lots of talking, be nit picky with them, consider using left hand bracelet things, blue and yellow and red boys will need to be watched constantly and keep them SEPARATE)
4th grade: recorder composition, I Want to Rise, syncopation review
1st grade: body percussion with music, kitty cats, walk, audiation
2nd grade: me - rhythmic echoes, Fall Listening, rhythm stick ostinato
K: Bearobics, beat buddy 7 jumps, beat buddy selection can be by shirt color, group color, etc etc, K might have some issues with following rules - be strict and make SURE they do what I tell them to, especially if I send them to their seat
"Walking walking, hop hop, running running, now we stop" to the tune of Frere Jaques
First fire drill with K - unlock door as I’m leaving if I’m last, STICK TO THEM EVERY SECOND FOR THEY WILL TAKE THEIR TIME AND GET DISTRACTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd grade review from yesterday:
Recorder ideas - continue to encourage soft air, state/restate expectations more frequently than what you that is incorrect, from time to time have smaller groups play (if you have red/blue/green,etc on, if your favorite ice cream is vanilla/chocolate/etc.)
Good change of pace to teach singing “Take Time in Life”, also including their ideas in verses
You are really good on your feet, like when tech fails! Loved your solfege quiz of familiar songs, as well as the changing one note at a time notation
If something ever happens in a class that you need me to jump in for an activity for a few minutes, don’t hesitate to ask! You did great today, but if it ever comes up in the future…
2nd grade review from today:
Great job keeping their engagement and handling individual student behavior issues, Good pace with the sticks - playing right away!
Next week:
4th grade: listen/play class compositions, board composition on recorder with the magnetic notes, crazy frog thingy
3rd grade: Recorder Fun, Solfege, Take Time in Life review and Orff, chips on line staff reading
2nd grade: Fall Listening, DRMFSL, rhythm sticks


I keep forgetting to post these even though I’ve been emailing myself things all week. Hahahaha.

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Today, I taught ALL of 3rd grade! It was interesting to say the least. 3rd grade was quite…off…today. I had a student apologize for asking a relevant question? They were blowing SUPER hard into their recorders so that’ll need work. But they WERE getting the solfege. So it’s just going to be a matter of practice.

My lesson and review this week from my teacher!

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9/10 - ideas and things we have done:

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Today was my first day back since the flu. I worked with choir on Fuyu No Uta and had a BRILLIANT idea for next Tuesday. Instead of taking it phrase by phrase, like I have been, I’m going to do a short presentation on Mimio for my students. It’ll be about snow and Japan and hopefully, it’ll be awesome.

I helped design their shirts as well, during planning period. We decided against having a gator on the shirt and instead are going with a more musical design, Sabal Point Music in a circle with a treble clef and some notes in the middle. Music will be triplets, upside down pair of 8ths, treble clef, upside down quarter rest, and the Common Time C. SUPER cute, yellow text on a darker (but not quite forest) green shirt. GO TEAM!

5th grade was interesting. Everyone seems excited and ready for recorder and we aren’t even starting until next week! I spent a lot of the class either on the computer preparing a lesson or keeping on top of some of the students. Today seemed like the students were still on Monday.

Throughout the rest of the day, I helped set up the room between classes and worked on the computer. I finished my presentation easily enough and then worked on importing her iTunes library from one computer to the main one. I organized them and looked at possibilities for when I teach. I also made myself a folder on her computer for all my notes, activities, ideas, etc. So far, it just has the 1 Mimio presentation in it.But it will gain more. I’ll probably keep everything internship related in it.

Some ideas I had:

  • 3rd grade - something using beat buddies
  • lesson using Hogwash or maybe even make a series about hygiene (K might not know/understand but it’d be worth a try)
  • world music section?
  • something with Loomi Sticks

These are just some things I can use to get started when I take over the class. WOOHOO!


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